My Approach

I am trained as an arts psychotherapist which can be helpful for people who find it difficult to put their experiences into words or for particular times in the therapy process. Using the arts allows a space for contemplation and the freedom to step out of ‘trap’ of going around in circles which we can do when anxious, trying hard to work things out or when feeling stuck. My first training was in talking therapy which can also be useful for people to explore their problems.

I draw upon a range of theories to support you to understand yourself and your relationships with others. This means that your therapeutic pathway is unique to you and I tailor any approach to meet your needs and goals. These include:

Psychoanalytic / Dynamic

How what happened ‘back then’ impacts you now (psychoanalytic/dynamic), and developing an understanding of our relational dynamics and patterns (attachment). This includes looking closely at unconscious processes, which are the things that we do that are a result of something that has happened in our past. By bringing these unconscious processes into the open, you can explore them deeply to fully understand how they affect your current difficulties.


From a humanistic perspective, I work with cultivating awareness and exploring blocks and difficulties in the here and now (Gestalt), the habitual patterns of behaviour we employ, the stories we tell ourselves, the roles we play and the messages we learned as children (Transactional Analysis).


I am interested in how the research in neurobiology has informed us about trauma, the body and the brain. This offers the potential to work with trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression in a different way. It can also be useful to look back at how events, people, situations in the history of the family may be transmitted from one generation to another and still be impacting on our lives.

I draw on my knowledge about creativity to explore the issues you bring. These can include:

  • dream work
  • using objects to create a 'story' rather like a film or theatre scene
  • personal and archetypal stories
  • visual art
  • visualisation
  • postcards
  • metaphors
  • dramatherapy
  • working with the body

Other Professional Services

Anxiety Clinics

If your anxiety prevents you from living your life in the way you want, I provide 6 week intensive individual or group anxiety clinics to help you manage your anxiety and understand why your anxiety affects you in the way that it does.

These sessions are packed with practical strategies to help you cope with your anxiety on a day to day basis, as well as helping you understand the root cause of your anxiety. These sessions are designed to help you break the negative pattern of your anxiety so you can make more positive choices in the future and live your life more fully.

Sign up for 6 sessions. Each group session will be with 4 -6 people.

Soul Plan

The Soul Plan is a system used to analyse different areas of your life and to bring clarity to your life purpose. It focuses on the challenges you may have experienced in your life, and the talents and resources you have (or have access to) to help you overcome them, as well as exploring the goals you may aspire to and/or areas you may have missed or overlooked.

Soul plan reading - 1 x 90 minute session

I also offer a series of 6 sessions that would enable us to go through the issues raised in the soul plan and find practical and therapeutic ways to work with blocks or obstacles you may be facing, so you can find new ways to move forward.

The session will take place in person or online.

Please get in contact for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the first counselling session be like?

I usually meet for an initial session where I can listen to you and your needs and hear about what has brought you to therapy as well as your hopes and expectations. I will ask you some questions and you may want to know more about the way I work, so we can talk about that too. If I think I can help you I will suggest ways we may be able to work together and if that suits you, how we can move forward. If I am not the right match for you, I will try to give you information about other options that maybe more suitable.

How frequently will I need sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes and usually takes place at the same time every week. The commitment to regular meetings is an important part of the counselling or psychotherapy process, and helps to create a foundation for the work you will be undertaking.

What are the fees for Training?

Fees for training, support groups and one to one sessions are available on request.

How much do the Courses cost?

The information will be listed with the course information or link.

What about holidays or breaks?

I will take time off at Christmas, Easter, and the summer holidays. I will give you as much notice as possible and of course you will not be charged for these.

What if I cannot attend a session?

I ask for 48 hours notice for cancelled sessions. If I can, I will try to find another slot in the same week. However, if this is not possible I charge for the session.

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